Friday, April 09, 2010

Oh yeah, I've seen him

Couldn't sleep for long, so I'm up at 4:00 in the freakin' a.m. Bleah.

Web surfing with the TV on. It's the channel 8 (KLAS) morning show. They just had a story about a series of home break-ins in the Las Vegas valley. They showed this official composite sketch of one of the suspects:

Hey, I'm pretty sure I've seen that guy! It's Dumb Donald!

On another subject entirely, while I was looking for the above images, one of the hosts, Chris Saldana, teased an upcoming story about some new coronary-inducing KFC entree by reading from his cue card, "It's the epitome of chicken taste." Except he pronounced epitome as EPP-i-toam. Good Lord. Do you even have to have graduated from high school to get that job?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the epitome mistake is egregious. But until you've tried to read, live, off of a prompter. I'd hold off on questioning someone's intellegence.

Dan in Minnesota said...

"...I'd hold off on questioning someone's intellegence."

There has to be a God. How else to explain such gifts!