Monday, April 05, 2010

Poker gems, #349

Mike Caro, in Poker Player newspaper column, April 12, 2010 (vol. 13, #21), p. 4.

When you think of it, there's no reason whatsoever why hosting a poker game at home should be illegal. The law is widely ignored by millions of poker players. But think about how absurd this situation is. We've allowed government to act as our parents and threaten us with being sent to our rooms, which in government-speak means jail.

For what? Stop. I'm going to ask it again: For what? I don't need to write about the reason laws against poker are ridiculous. You understand it much more powerfully, just because, for one fleeting moment, you refused to accept the status quo and pondered "for what?"


Grange95 said...

I may not always agree with everything Mike Caro writes, but this point is very well put.

carl said...

But it's gambling, which is evil.

And, the government doesn't get a rake, which is even more evil.