Monday, April 05, 2010


I'm a little behind in poker news, so just today learned about the disaster that occurred when UltimateBlecch tried to run a new heads-up tournament in honor of Annie Duke having won the NBC event. There were, uh, a few problems. Read all about it here.

This would also be a fitting time to remind everybody of what the site's other prominent spokesman has boasted of it: "We have the best software out there."

You sure about that, Phil? Looks to me like your company can't run a tournament right, even when it manages not to ship pots to the loser of the hand, or let its owners and friends play while looking at opponents' hole cards.

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Richard said...

The chip counts were not an error. Players with byes should only get half the chips. That's far more equitable than essentially giving them double the EV of everyone else at random. I believe Full Tilt does it the same way and Howard Lederer has been lobbying for WSOP to do it that way too, if the entries are not a power of 2.

Can't speak to the first-round players having to play another match to late registrants, but if they do and win, they should get 9000 chips.