Thursday, May 06, 2010

New policy at Caesars

At some point fairly recently the poker room management at Caesars Palace implemented a new procedure: Dealers are to give the deck one riffle shuffle before placing it in the Shufflemaster.

This is incredibly idiotic and completely pointless. But I've ranted about the exact same policy before, when I encountered it at the Rio, so rather than repeat myself, I'll just point you to that post, here.


Keiser said...

There is one tangible benefit to requesting a wash/changing seats to change your luck. It actually ties into what I call the "God benefit." Simply thinking their luck has changed for the better may make someone win more. Confidence in yourself and your game can mean all the difference between calling station passive and aggressive betting. If someone tricks themselves into thinking their luck is changed, they may try to bet and take down pots when they otherwise wouldn't.

As a football fan I relate it to superstar athletes that trick themselves into believing God actually cares about their career and makes them play well. They have zero self-doubt on the field and makes less mistakes because of that.

Personally, I'd rather make a mistake here and there than be bonkers.

Minton said...

I prefer a good wash to a riffle before it goes into the shuffler...that little man in there gives me better cards if they've been washed before they go in, also a new set-up every 3rd down really helps him find me the winning cards!!!

Rakewell said...

If I ran a casino, you could only get a new setup if you let every player at the table taser you first.