Monday, May 03, 2010

Not so fast!

Another fine moment from the NBC heads-up poker show today.

You all know by now that there is nobody on the planet who triggers my schadenfreude the way Phil Hellmuth does. I love watching him lose. (I can't wait for the broadcast of the recently concluded WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event, in which he made the final table, but then was the first one out when his QQ got cracked by AJ with an ace on the river, and he collapsed into a fetal position on the floor.)

In the first hand against Annette Obrestad, Hellmuth flops top two pair with K-4. Obrestad has just bottom pair with 3-2. Hellmuth bets and taunts her: "I'll take the first one." She replies, "We'll see," as she calls.

She then made trips on the turn, and bet out, getting calls on both the turn and river:

The hands are revealed. One of the players is happy. One is unhappy. Can you tell which is which?

But the best part was Obrestad's zinger, just to stick the knife in a little deeper: "I think I'll take the first one, Phil."

Best laugh I had all day.

(And, BTW, hi to Katkin and F-Train hiding there behind Phil!)


Julius_Goat said...

Please tell me that Phil Hellmuth is not wearing a bluetooth in his ear while he's playing poker for a television show.

That's how they put his mic on for the show, right?

He's not actually wearing his bluetooth in that situation, right?

If he is, I believe that makes him officially omnidouchey, which means he is infinitely douchey at all places and in all times, simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Phil sets himself up to be "hated" by some. But I got to tell you, this time he was a lot more gracious in his exit than David Williams was when he ripped up his cards.

I know you love to take shots at Phil when given the opportunity, many people will do the same. But how about Williams? Where is that blog?

Justin said...

Can't believe I'm defending Phil. I don't think it's a bluetooth. It's probably this:
(MP3 Sunglasses)

Dominic said...

Watchin Phil getting angry is hilarious!
I would really like to see the Broadcast of WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event. Is there a possibility to watch it online?

Rakewell said...

According to the TV schedule, we'll all have to wait until June 13 to watch Phil's meltdown.