Sunday, May 30, 2010

No explanation needed

My friend "--S" pointed me to this story from yesterday's WSOP Event #3:

We arrived just in time to see Jim Meehan double up; the cards looked like
Board: 2x 3x 8x 5x Ax
Meehan's opponent: 5x 8x for two pair
Meehan: 2x 4x for a straight
"I'm sorry," Meehan told his opponent, "I have no explanation for being a moron."

Hey, what are you apologizing for? What was the alternative--to fold the Mighty Deuce-Four? Please.


Keiser said...

Clearly the Deuce Four has greater power than you supposed: it has the ability to control people's minds and MAKE them play it.

Rakewell said...

I doubt it. I think it's much more likely that Meehan, being an old-time pro, has independently discovered the power of the 2-4, and just wanted to conceal it from his opponents. He makes them think you're a moron if you play it, and then he's less likely to have to be up against it. Very clever.

rsoandrew said...

Just used the mighty 2-4 in a tournament the other day. Flopped two pair. They rest of the table didn't know what hit them. Glad to be in on the secret.

NoLimitDoc said...

You would be proud to know I gave 2-4 homage at least 70% of the time I picked them up at event 3. Unfortunately they never worked out...not yet a true follower. Maybe when I rope a giant pot I'll be a die-hard.