Friday, June 04, 2010

Victory Poker responds

About two months ago I posted a rant about a full-page ad for Victory Poker. Change100 also recently leveled her guns at them for the flagrant sexism in the ad. One of the comments to her post led me to this take on the subject, which I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

I just saw a post on Wicked Chops Poker that includes their latest podcast. One of the guests they interview is Dan Fleyshman, CEO of Victory Poker. They ask him specifically about the criticisms of their ad campaign made by Change100, by me, and by unnamed others. He is shocked, SHOCKED! that anybody would think him or his company or his ad campaign to be sexist. Go listen if you're interested in how he spins it. The interview starts at about the 14:35 mark.


See Change100's partial transcription of and response to Mr. Fleyshman's comments here.

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bastinptc said...

It's the same shit as the ads with bikini clad women hawking a site or casino. It makes no sense unless you're some angry-incher or geekazoid with no prospects/desire of having the semblance of a meaningful relationship, yet still have something to prove to the world though your poker prowess.