Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Deuce-Four haiku

This actually occurred to me last night during one of those groggy moments of not-quite-asleep and not-quite-awake between periods of true sleep. I have no idea why the brain went this way, but it did:

Villain has aces
Flop comes ace, three, and a five
Better have Deuce-Four


Nostradonkey said...

You were obviously seeing my suckout w/ AA against the mighty deuce four. I limped in EP w/ AA, 6 callers, flop A,3,5. Button bet $15, I shoved my remaining $85 in there, and proceeded to crack the flopped straight when the 5 paired the board on the turn. Poker is easy!

Rakewell said...

I refuse to believe such obvious lies.

Anonymous said...

isn't there a rounders hand similar to this? just ace five instead of AA? just surprised you haven't mentioned that