Monday, July 05, 2010

What's in a screen name? #2

I woulda spelled it differently, but I love the general idea.


nick said...

Litterly, in french: "Donk that poops"

What it really means: "Donk that sucks"

NT said...

I don't think Nick is entirely correct.

"Don Quichotte" is the simply the French version of Don Quixote.

"Chiotte" is the French version of "crapper" (as in toilet, outhouse, chamber pot). It wouldn't surprise me to learn this word is the origin of what I have hithterto considered a thoroughly Anglo-Saxon expletive.

It's thus a double pun: a crazy-tilting-at-windmills-idealist-donkey-cum-shithouse.


The association with "quiche-eater" probably makes it even more amusing for Americans.

NT said...

Addendum: I just learned that "chiotter" as a verb is slag in french for, well, FAIL.

So this is an EVEN BETTER pun, with at least 3 levels of meaning. "Donk who fails."

Nick was more correct than I gave him credit for.