Tuesday, July 06, 2010

PokerStars Big Lame

PokerStars "Big Game" has been on the air for just three weeks--every weekday, five shows per guest, three guest players so far. I've been enjoying it and haven't missed one yet.

But yesterday they went to a "best of," splicing together segments from the first 15 episodes.

No. Wrong. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Way to kill the momentum, PokerStars.

The hands they're showing are not exactly distant memories. There hasn't been enough time elapse for them to become pleasant "oh yeah, that was cool" re-watches. You also don't have enough premium material built up yet.

A "best of " show when you've only been running for three weeks is as lame as when a poker room starts a brand-new series of tournaments and calls it their "Classic." (I'm looking at you, Aria.) You have to earn the moral right to a "best of" show by putting out good stuff week after week, month after month. "High Stakes Poker" could legitimately do a "best of" series, with six solid seasons to look back on. Three weeks? Not even close.

This isn't complicated, guys. Your viewers don't want regurgitated stuff they've just seen recently. They want new material--new episodes, new players, new hands. Why not give it to them?


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the brief animated series based on Clerks; they had a clip episode as the second episode. It was pretty funny.
Jeff (MarsMan2001)

Lord Bodak said...

Considering how badly the heads-up shows went last year, they probably only made three weeks up front in case the show bombed.

NoMetal said...

They made six weeks already if you go to their website: http://thebiggame.pokerstars.net/, ou will see they have six Loose Cannons. This is their halfway mark, so I think they are recapping at the middle point like an intermission.

Plus with it being the Fourth of July week, they may had decided to do only the recap this week due to vacations.

Either way, I am with Grump on this one in which I hate to take a break at this point. But, I am patient so I can wait until they start up again next week.

zippyboy said...

I'll tune in anytime they wanna show me Nadya Magnus again. Anytime.

astrobel said...

Yep, Nadya's week was great ( and I'm talking about the poker , I'm gay ! ).
But just because of that I think many of us were really looking forward to this week's new episodes and what we have ...
Not cool at all !

Anonymous said...

It's been said, but shows like this delay a week and show reruns to "catch up" (TrueBlood) or "best of" because a lot of viewers are not around a TV all weekend. No sense wasting a new episode.

Michael said...

while three weeks of shows clearly isn't enough to really have a "best of", one idea that is being overlooked is that they created a best of show to recap previous weeks action to hook new viewers who haven't watched any of the previous weeks.

after all, the show wasn't in all markets for episode one and it's listed in many online TV guides as paid programming so it is actually possible that some people still don't know about it. maybe some people just heard about it and will watch the best of and become more interested in the next few weeks?

Just a though

Mark T said...

Worse still, the entire week has been "Best Of" shows. Ridiculous.

I may forget to watch if they ever decide to broadcast a non-repeat. My TiVo claims there's no more shows on the horizon (but my TiVo sometimes lies).

NoMetal said...

Well, I was going to give them a pass thinking it was only going to be a one week delay before the new episodes. But, NO, they won't be airing new ones until Aug 9th!!!! I may be patient but not that patient. This sucks!!!!! Way to let fans lose interest...

Well, I will probably still watch it if I remember it is back on. Still sucks though.