Thursday, September 29, 2011


I beat Mrs. Lederer heads-up for the winner-take-all world championship of 8-game mix. Only six players on the face of the earth were deemed qualified to even play in this prestigious event. To win, I had to suck out on her over and over again, with the most ridiculously unlikely combinations, in every one of the games, but I was up to that challenge!

Now I just have to decide how to spend my 3000 points.


Anonymous said...

y u no announce?


Rakewell said...

This wasn't my tournament. It was an AVP ( club home game. All members of the club got invitations. Anybody can join, too.

BigTikit said...

Is that the real Mrs. Lederer? She could probably use the money right now, seeing that the DOJ froze Howard's funds.

Mrs. L said...