Saturday, October 01, 2011

Personality test

Downtown Vegas is hopping this weekend, primarily because of Bikefest being in town.

The following were among the many unexpected sights seen on my walk to and from Binion's last night. The personality test comes down to this: Which do you prefer to look at?

A) Cute puppy.

(Apologies for the pictures all being so crappy. It was dark, my cell phone camera is not very good under the best of circumstances, and this little guy just WOULD NOT STAY STILL FOR A PORTRAIT!)

(Sorry, Jen, but he might have been ever cuter than Vinny, though that's a hard standard to beat.)

B) This woman (and/or the naked cowboy off to the side).

C) Cupid.

D) A Delorean, complete with Doc Brown impersonator (but, sadly, no flux capacitor).

E) Her. Or, um, him. Or whatever.

Me? I'll go for the puppy first, Delorean second. For the others, well, I think I'd prefer to scoop out my eyeballs with a rusty grapefruit spoon.


Crash said...

Your posts have been frequent, lately, and excellent. I really learn from your poker posts, but have a long way to go. U R a nice guy. Yes, that is not important in the poker world, but it is so.

Jennifer said...

That dog was cute, but cuter than Vinny? I must wonder if you are on a mind-altering substance, or if you are having eye problems. I'm really concerned about your state of mind.

Our friendship will get past this ... somehow. ;)

Vinny's Crazy Mom