Saturday, October 01, 2011

Trying Poker Tracker

I downloaded Poker Tracker 3 for its 60-day free trial. I've been waiting for version 4 to hit, but it seems to keep turning into vaporware. "Soon!" we are told endlessly. Well, maybe it will be out by the time 60 days are up. We'll see.

For now, though, I'll play with version 3 and see what it does for me. My initial impression is annoyance, because it puts the stats for a player with the name/avatar of the adjacent player until you manually move every one of the displays around--and you have to do this anew with every table. That's just bad design.

It also seems to have a weird glitch that it recognizes screen names across tables and combines stats for other players, but not for me. In the above screen shot, for example, you can see that "Ape567" has twice as many hands tracked as I do. We were at two tables simultaneously. The software correctly merged the information from both tables for him, but not for me, for reasons that are not at all obvious.

However, I do like being able to see mucked, unshown hands without having to open Bodog's hand history page.

I'm keeping an open mind on whether the advantages are worth the cost and fuss of it.


matt tag said...

PT is purposefully showing you your own stats at the current table only, so you can get a rough IDE of how opponents are perceiving you in this session only.

the HUD positions not saving is probably a bug

Rakewell said...

Ah--that makes sense. Thanks.

qdpsteve said...

Have you tried Hold'em Indicator yet Rockwell? I'm hoping it works as advertised.

Rakewell said...

No, have not tried that.

Eddie said...

Notice the little PT3 box at the top of the window? Click on that for "save layout" and now your layout will be the default for all tables (it will only take effect on tables opened after the change).

Also, you can change the HUD display values to all sorts of stuff. I prefer removing the player's name, since that is redundant as you already see it at the table.

Rakewell said...

Thank you. I'll try that.

OhCaptain said...

I used it all the time up until April 15th. Even wrote a post about it. I switched to using mostly Holdem Manager at the beginning of this year. Liked it a lot.