Monday, September 26, 2011

Twitter splitter

I've decided to split my Twitter feed--both incoming and outgoing--into "poker" and "everything else." Obviously, the poker-related subject matter will continue to be @PokerGrump. The "everything else" category will be under a second Twitter account I just set up, @RandomlyBob. This will include personal updates (travel, etc.), pointers to interesting stuff I find in web browsing, jokes and puns that I think of, new words I learn, etc. Subject matter may include guns, politics, religion, and other controversial things. This way I won't bore/annoy/offend people who want to follow me only for poker-related tweets. I will, of course, continue to bore/annoy/offend others, but only those who choose to let me bore/annoy/offend them! (Because of the restricted subject matter, poker-related tweets are much less likely to rankle.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I hope you get lots of rollers on both list. Thanks, KB5ZCR.