Thursday, June 07, 2012

Maybe too many people know about the Deuce-Four

I'm supposed to win hands like this, not chop the pot, dammit!


Rob said...

Grump, you are a victim of your own success. Your blog is so damn popular, every knows about the deuce-four now.

You may just have to retire.

Anonymous said...

I started playing duece-four a few weeks back after reading of your (and other's) success. I am dumbfounded at how successful it has been for me!

VegasDWP said...

I worship at the altar of the mighty Deuce-Four. All hail the Deuce-Four!!

jimzol1 Posts SB 25.00
eyjafjallajokull Posts BB 50.00
VegasDWP Raised to 100.00
99N00Bz Folds
EmeraldBot Folds
jeanhab Folds
IheartYourChips Folds
debooo96 Folds
Memnoch78 Calls 100.00
jimzol1 Folds
eyjafjallajokull Calls 50.00
eyjafjallajokull Checks
VegasDWP Bets 162.00
Memnoch78 Calls 162.00
eyjafjallajokull Folds
VegasDWP Bets 432.00
Memnoch78 Calls 432.00
VegasDWP All In 776.00
Memnoch78 All In 741.00
VegasDWP Shows 2d,4d
Memnoch78 Shows Ac,Kc
Memnoch78 Out