Saturday, June 09, 2012

Solution to the Merge hand-history problem

Today I hit upon what perhaps should have been an obvious solution to the problem of Merge Network software update making it harder to get to the hand histories: You can just open the history window after the first hand, then click "next" to move forward in time. You could do that after each hand, or just when you're interested in what happened on the previous hand. I forward it up to the last hand when I'm not doing anything else and happen to think about it so there's less clicking to do when the time comes that I want to check the previous hand.

I suppose that overall it might make for more clicks, but they're all in the same spot, and not in a window that pops up behind the game window, as happens when you click on the hand number on the active table.

That's the hand-history window peeking out from behind the game table on the lower right:

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