Thursday, June 07, 2012


Of course U.S. residents have not been able to play real-money games on PokerStars since Black Friday. But those of us who had had Stars accounts could at least keep playing the free games with the full software, whereas if you download the client software from, you get a watered down version. The two features most sorely lacking are the ability to select your own seat and the ability to immediately check the previous hand history. There was some sort of grandfather provision, that if you had had a real-money account prior to Black Friday, you got software updates that prevented you from playing real-money games, but at least kept the full functionality intact.

I've moved everything to my new computer over the last eight days. But the Stars problem is still frustrating me. I have downloaded the .net app, and it recognizes me from my old Stars account, but I'd really rather keep using the .com (or .eu) version, as I had been able to do on the old computer.

I cleverly thought that I could move the setup (.exe) file from the old computer to the new via thumb drive, then run that on the new computer, and it would install the .com software, which would then automatically update next time I logged on. Nope. New computer wouldn't run the setup file--something about the certificate being out of date.

Tech-heads: Is there some way to get my new computer to be able to run the old software the same way that I could with the old computer?


Michael Moulton said...

My guess is that it will work fine if you can get someone outside the US to give you a copy of the most recent installer.

Doug said...

Search for pokerstars uk, that is what i did . I didnt like the new watered down version and downloaded the UK version, works fine for playinf for free

Rakewell said...

Doug, how did you download the UK version? When I try it, I get the nasty DOJ letter page, and it won't let me.

If any readers outside the US feel inclined to help, I'd be curious to try getting the setup file via email (it doesn't contain any of your account information). Let me know.

Anonymous said...

i went to http free proxy and picked a few from the outside the us and went to the uk one and downloaded it just now and installed it then logged in and it works perfect i have my hand historys back and everything