Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Stay classy, PokerNews

James Guill, aka @compncards, posted a note on Twitter about an ad he saw on the PokerNews web site. Specifically, it's one for "Arrangement Finders":

If you click on that banner, this is what you see:

Nice job, PokerNews. Good to know that we can always count on you to represent the industry at its finest.

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sevencard2003 said...

i would never sign up there because (1) the women are all spam porn bots and not legitimate women, and (2) the women arent looking for love and longterm relationships. thats a requirement as far as finding a woman, otherwise how is a man supposed to be able to come? u must know the woman deep down inside loves u enough to be attracted to u before u can have sex. anyway that site is the biggest gimmick sick of seeing it advertised everywhere and ashley madison advertised everywhere. i just use social networking sites etc. (free sites)