Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Might as well ask for what you want

I enjoyed this story from --S, now back in Vegas and dealing at the M Resort and Casino. His blog was the one that made me think that I might be able to pull one off myself, so I continue to owe him thanks--as do you, if you enjoy reading my stuff.

I'm dealing a 4-handed $1/2 NL game. The 9-seat is the big blind. He checks
his option and calls out, "Lots of Nines and Twos, please!"

The flop is Q-9-9. He laughs, bets, and gets called.

The river is a deuce. The entire table laughs. The 9-seat checks and the
8-seat eventually bets into him. He asks incredulously, "Didn't you hear me
before the flop?" He raises and the 8-seat folds.

The 9-seat shows his 9-2 offsuit and takes down the pot.

Very next hand...

"Lots of tens and fours this time!" The flop is 3-10-10. He and I both
start laughing as he checks. The 6-seat bets. I laugh harder. The 9-seat says,
"You understand that the only hands I cannot beat right now are pocket threes or
a better ten than I have, right?" He calls.

The turn is a 4. He turns his cards face up, his 10-4 (suited this time,
though) and tosses some chips into the center of the table.

Three more times that down, he calls for a card on the turn or the river,
and it comes. He finally says, "OK. I'm not calling cards anymore tonight. I'm
afraid these guys are going to think you and I are up to something

Nice word - nefarious. At any rate, if I could produce cards at will when
someone called for them, I'd be the richest dealer in Vegas. Trust me when I say
I'm not ;)

The incident reminds me a bit of one of my all-time favorite poker stories. It happened at the Excalibur last year. It was one of the few times that I knew I had a great blog post the instant it happened, and could hardly wait to rush home and write it up. In fact, if I had read the story in somebody else's blog instead of having experienced it myself, I would be suspicious that it was just made up. See here.

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Conan776 said...

I used to call for cards at online micro SnGs back in the day. It's a fun little game since you don't necessarily have to call for the cards you actually need, so done right you can expand you're flop hit rate by 20% or so versus loose and credulous opponents. An occasional nit complained that doing so was illegal coffee housing, as I was theoretically announcing my hand in multi-way pots at times, but it was fun for a while irregardless....