Friday, November 13, 2009

Not really expendable

Custom choppers are a fairly common prize item in casinos. I could do a couple of weeks' worth of "Guess the Casino" posts just on the ones I've seen on display. Mostly they bore me. I think they just look stupid and pointless. I can't imagine why anybody would want one.

But for some reason that I can't really put my finger on, the one shown below, which I saw the other day at Planet Hollywood, hit me differently. It was made for and used in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone movie "The Expendables." It's so unusual and creative--every smidgen of the traditional motorcycle has been carefully reworked--that, despite a certain grotesque element, I had to admit that there is some genuine beauty to it. If hard-pressed, I might even concede it to be, well, art.

See what you think.

Incidentally, just as I was taking the last of these photos, I spotted a security guard making a beeline toward me. But then he saw me put my cell phone camera away, and he veered off. I can only assume that he was about to tell me that photography was not allowed. But there were no such signs around, and, really, how can you put an object like this on public display and expect people not to want to take pictures of it? Idiots.

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