Monday, November 09, 2009

Poker dreamin'

A couple of people have written to alert me to the fact that in interviews following his elimination from the World Series of Poker final table, James Akenhead had mentioned that 2-4 (though he erroneously refers to it as "four-deuce") used to be his favorite hand, but from now on it will be the K-Q, which saved him at a crucial point in the tournament. I'm not sure if he's just daft, or cleverly trying not to let the world in on how strong 2-4 is.

In any event, it was undoubtedly because of thinking about this that Mr. Akenhead popped up in a dream last night. I was playing against him. Somehow, at stake in this hand was not only the cash pot, but an all-expense-paid poker cruise. The flop was Ad-3s-5d. (Of course, when I dream about poker it involves hands in which 2-4 would be the nuts!)

I bet with middle pair, holding K-5. He moved all in. While I was contemplating what to do, he showed me his cards, daring me to call. He had 3-4 of diamonds. That gave him bottom pair and a gutshot straight-flush draw. I was ahead, but he had 17 outs to beat my lousy pair of 5s. It would cost me all my chips (something like $200) to call, but the cruise was presumably of considerable value, so I was getting enormous pot odds when that was thrown in. I should have called.

But I folded.

Most people dream about being stronger, tougher, braver than they really are. I dream about being a weak, wimpy, cowardly poker donkey. I am so pathetic.

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