Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reader 2-4 story

Faithful reader Keiser sent me the following story:

Figured you *might* be interested in this one from a $1/$3 game at TI on
Thursday night. I had to profusely apologize for looking like an ass and
taking a picture of winning with 4-2o, I told my friends I read the blog of a
prophet of sorts who swears by this hand but they didn't believe me.
Little fuzzy, I took the picture as fast as I could.

Action: Raise to 12, 2 callers before me, I call from the cutoff and BB
calls. Flop A55, BB checks, initial raiser bets $20, fold fold, I call, BB
folds. Turn the trey I knew was coming. He bets $40. I
call. River K. He bets $40, I raise to $120 and he snap calls,
showing A9.

Thanks Poker Grump for the money!

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