Friday, December 04, 2009

I win a $9 pot

I played at the Golden Nugget tonight. I knew it had been a long time since I played there, but I was surprised when I got home and looked it up--it was December 24, 2008. Basically, every time I think about going there, I end up making a last-second change of plans and veering over to Binion's instead. I not only like Binion's poker room better, but I have a much better track record there.

But GN just opened a new wing, and photos I've seen of it looked nice, so I decided to make an exception and play there instead and take a look at the new place while there.

The first hand I played is shown above. My J-10 of spades fit nicely with the 4s-8s-9s flop, and the Qs on the turn made the whole thing just seem to glow.

Sadly, though, I couldn't win the $137 jackpot. I bet $3 (tiny bet, trying to induce a call, so that I might squeeze in another tiny bet on the river), and neither opponent called. Total pot was just $9, and there's a $20 minimum to qualify for the jackpot.

I showed the hand anyway--it's too pretty to keep to myself. Everybody at the table--and I mean everybody including the dealer--chided me for not speaking up and thereby inducing somebody to call. Nobody seems to care that it is explicitly against the bonus rules in every place that I know of (including GN) to talk about the possibility of a jackpot during the hand.

I discussed the rules and ethics and pragmatic problems about this issue last year when I missed the jackpot requirement at the Palms by $1. My feeling remains the same. I would feel worse about gaming the system by trying to use some manipulative code word or other shenanigans than I do about having missed out on the bonus money. Even if the dealer says it's OK, it's not. (See here for the story of a dealer who honorably and admirably refused to bend the rules for himself.)

Overall, it was just a whole heckuva lot less fun than the last time I had a straight flush, about three months ago.

Predictably, that was the high point of my luck for the session. It was all downhill from there. Next time, it's back to Binion's.


buttnugget said...

"I would feel worse about gaming the system by trying to use some manipulative code word or other shenanigans than I do about having missed out on the bonus money."

Let's recap shall we...

Poker Money ---> Cheating is wrong.
H1N1 Vaccine ---> Cheating is A-OK!

Sorry, couldn't resist ragging on you just a bit more.

I'd like to point out that I probably wouldn't make the connection between the two posts if I weren't reading your page every day. Thanks for your great writing.

Pat McGroin said...

During the hand can you ask the dealer what the house rules are on jackpots? Maybe that would clue someone in....

Michael said...

That sucks about not getting the high hand for it. I tend to agree with your thoughts on it though, in those situations I'd probably do the same thing as you and the dealer previously had done. If I can't win it the way it was intended then so be it.

Interesting to see in your older post you were discussing your ups and downs from bankroll more, is there less of that now because you've fully established yourself to where you are comfortable playing poker to earn money? Just curious.

Im Just Saying said...

Though it is "officially" against the rules in every poker room I've played in, I've never seen it enforced. It's been my experience that players, dealers, and managers want to give out the prizes as it generates excitement and increases everyone's enjoyment of the game. The rule seems to exist for blatant attempts to cheat the system and I don't think casually asking the dealer how much is needed in the pot to qualify for the bonus counts as a secret code. Just looking at the pay board will tip off observant players, regardless of your intention.

Obviously you're consistent on pokerroom rules, so tomato tomahto.

Keiser said...

I think it's an unspoken rule that if there's a possible high hand on the board and someone min bets, YOU CALL.

If I get a high hand and someone calls my min bets to get above the jackpot line, I'd pay them what they called and a bonus.