Friday, December 04, 2009

Triple-up with deuce-four

A reader I know, but who wishes to remain anonymous, e-mailed me the following excellent tale:

Venetian 1/2NL last week about 10pm - good table. I was on the button with 2-4
hearts and called a small raise from a wild UTG player and really tight guy.
Flop was 722 rainbow. Bingo. tight guy had AA and really liked his hand. Didn't
see what wild guy had but claimed a big pair. Wild guy bets out flop, tight guy
raises, I call. Wild guy goes all in. Tight guy goes all in. I go all in. About
$240 ish each for a nearly $700 pot. I tripled up. Doubling up sure. But I can
only count a couple times in my life when I've tripled up close to a full buy
in. Wow.

Wow indeed! That surpasses my best 2-4 win, which would have been this hand from August, 2007. I think that pot was around $600. (I note with some shame that that post was early in my understanding of the power of the 2-4, and I referred to it there as a "stupid" hand. I trust that I have since been forgiven by the poker gods for my blasphemy.)

Nh, wp, sir!

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Sooted is cheating!