Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm available--cheap

I plan to be playing in the bloggers' tournament at Caesars Palace next Saturday. There is a last-longer challenge, for three-person teams, with a huge overlay provided by the wonderful folks at PokerStars. See here for details. I am not a part of any team, but would like to be. I'm not picky--I'll accept whoever will take me on! If any of my readers are similarly situated, and wouldn't mind teaming up with a guy who has about equal potential to go deep and to inexplicably blow up in the first level, send me a note.


Jennifer said...

Katie Baxter and I are looking for a person to round out our team! You can find us on Twitter (@WriterJen and @CaityCaity), or e-mail me ( Drop me a line if you're interested. :)

Cardgrrl said...

Sounds like a Chick'n'Grump sandwich!

Good luck to you all! :)

Arlan said...


I'd be honored (how's that for sucking up?)to team with you...I've gone deep and cashed twice in two World Series events in the last three years.

Give me a holler back if you have a third.

Tarpie said...

I know what team I will be rooting for...the one with the most members I have met in person. (OK, the only team that has members in that category).

Go team!

Rakewell said...

Thanks, Arlan, but I signed on with Jen and Katie already, and we're officially in.