Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have been paid the ultimate compliment

From Grange95:

For the first time ever, we have the full IMOP crew returning, with nary a newbie in sight. Our cruise director, Santa Claus, has released the preliminary schedule of events, with a few highlights I can share with my loyal readers:
  • The "signature hand"—long a featured event—will return. For
    those of you wondering what a signature hand is, think of playing "
    the Hammer" game for
    five full days (albeit with a different personal junk hand), except
    your opponents have no idea you're playing
    . Snap a few Aces after rolling
    over, say, 6-3, and hilarity ensues. Multiply that by a dozen guys playing their
    own signature hands, and the anti-Iowa cursing can be heard up and down the
    Strip. Seriously, it is quite common to have folks at your table see you roll
    over a signature hand, and groan, "Oh, you're part of that crew?" This year, in
    honor of the sixth IMOP competition, the official signature hand for all Ironmen
    will be the mighty Deuce-Four, a/k/a "
    the Grump".
My only puzzlement is this: Where is the special honor or challenge in winning with the most powerful hand in poker?


Grange95 said...

Consider this IMOP as some free missionary work spreading the good word about the power of the deuce-four among the ignorant poker masses in those dens of nitty iniquity found on the Vegas Strip. The Ironmen care!

John said...

some dealers should be on a stiff list running a straight game is what they get tipped for

Ant. said...

FWIW, we refer to The Mighty Deuce Four as "The Church" in our circle. Another player's favorite hand is 3-5, and has hence been dubbed "The Reformed Church", "The Protestant", or "The Martin Luther".