Thursday, February 24, 2011

I know who robbed the Rio

In case you hadn't heard, somebody stole about $30,000 worth of chips from the Rio this morning. See, e.g., here.

Normally I wouldn't have anything to contribute to solving this crime, but a couple of details about the robber caught my attention. Police say that he was wearing a tan jacket and a fedora.


My mind flashed back to a photograph of Hard-Boiled Poker's Shamus that I took about a year ago, in conjunction with this post:

What do you see there? A TAN JACKET AND A FEDORA!

What more proof could anybody ask for?

No need to call 911 to make the report. I have already done so. But I'm not going to sleep easy until this criminal mastermind is behind bars.

1 comment:

Conan776 said...

It's all fun and games until Shamus spends 8 hours under those 3rd degree lamps.

(And thereafter it's probably even more lulz :-P)