Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is WRONG with people???

Cardgrrl's brother, Aaron, and sister-in-law, Annika, live in Austria. Annika is disabled and gets around on a motorized scooter. She is in town for a few days for a conference related to her job. I was pleased to get the chance to finally meet her, and we got together for a nice dinner tonight.

She had been shopping and sight-seeing around City Center today. She parked her scooter just outside the restaurant, and went inside using her crutches. She did not lock the scooter. She has done it this same way for 15 years, in cities all over the world, and never had a problem. Today, however, while she was having lunch, somebody stole her scooter.

When she discovered this, she immediately contacted security. She tells me that they were extremely helpful, and, using video surveillance tapes, were able to track where the scooter had gone, and found it for her where it had been abandoned. It was apparently just taken for somebody's little joyride. But in the process, they had damaged it so that it is unusable until she gets it back to Austria for repairs.

Really, now--how low do you have to be to steal from a disabled person her primary means of mobility?

Some days, human beings just disgust me. OK--make that most days. But some days my sense of revulsion at the species is stronger than others. Today is one of those.

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jake said...

This is awful, people are just so unthoughtful sometimes, and care more about their cheap thrills than they do about some bodies welfare. Shame.