Sunday, June 27, 2010

Champions know

I'm just watching the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star event broadcast earlier this month--the one in which Phil Hellmuth collapsed on the floor after being knocked out on a bad beat. (Hee hee hee!)

In the second part of the episode, the eventual winner, Mclean Karr, took the Mighty Deuce-Four up against Hasan Habib's pathetic little Kc-10c. Habib flopped a flush draw and check-raised, but Karr shoved with his trips. Habib called and was shocked, SHOCKED, to see Karr's hand.

Naturally the 2-4 made a full house on the turn, and Habib was reduced to hoping for a chop with one of the two remaining jacks.


The card with maximal rub-it-in value came: not just a club to make Habib's useless flush, but the four of clubs, the deck showing obvious solidarity with the deuce-four. In effect, Karr had two full houses (deuces full of fours and deuces full of jacks) from which he could at his leisure select to trounce a mere flush.

Such is the power of the Deuce-Four. As you can see, WPT champions understand this.

(Yes, I wrote about this when it first happened, here. But I didn't have the nice screen shot to put up with it.)

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Memphis MOJO said...

I played 4d2d this afternoon (at the Horseshoe casino in Tunica) for a raise! Yes, nitty old me has been converted.

I ended up with a straight, but, unfortunately, had to split the pot with a luckbox who had stuck around with 4-4. The original raiser didn't show -- probably K-K or some trash hand like that.