Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guess the casino, #553

To reveal the hidden answer, use your mouse to highlight the space immediately after the word "Answer" below.

Answer: Sahara

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, i just finished reading most of your blog, i know the title and the theme of this blog is your "grumpyness" but REALLY? Theres a difference between being grumpy and being a whinny bitch. So what if the poor old dealer licks his finger before everyhand? You CANT be that much of a germophobe. So what if a person uses so and so hats. And YOU wanted to be a poker dealer? COME ON! I dont care who picks his nose or who licks his fingers. You just need to lighten up, enjoy the smoke and stop calling floor for everyone of your complaints.
I support your story about drunken assholes on the table. I hate them. But you, sir, should stop slow rolling and play like a man! I hate eversingle word that comes out of your keyboard.

Not really, I really enjoy your blog. Just lighten up and dont make me hate you, you trespassing freak!

For the record: I F'N WORSHIP HELLMUTH!