Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The entrance

This update on PokerWorks suggests that, in a departure from recent years, Phil Hellmuth's grand entrance into the WSOP Main Event will be as a UFC fighter.

I'm dubious. The recent pattern has been that his getup is suggested months in advance by the print ads that UltimateBlecch runs for their WSOP satellites. There was the "UB Army" theme, followed by Phil dressed up as a WWII general. Then there were the "Ultimate Conquest" ads followed by Phil as Caesar.

This year's UB ads have had a strangely Christian/religious theme, and my assumption has been that this means Phil will be dressed as a monk--or, if they really want to offend people, Jesus or the Pope. A UFC fighter would not fit the bill.

Then again, what do I know? I'm just guessing here.

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Kunt said...

UB (as well as AP) did run quite a few promotions throughout the first half of 2010 with Bellator Fighting Championships. On May 6th of this year, my brother and myself attended Bellator 17 in Boston courtesy of UB. (Bro took down a tourney that included $$$, VIP passes, swag, all access basically.)

Bellator isn't exactly the UFC's "competition", but they are a rival organization. If UB is still aligned with Bellator (and they very well may not be) I can't see the UFC doing the same.

Also, Full Tilt has been a UFC sponsor (and fighter sponsor)in the past, and I believe remains one. No room for UB if FTP is in the fold.