Sunday, June 27, 2010

More on Richard Marcus

I have written about Richard Marcus a few times before (see here and the links backwards that post provides). Apparently his willingness to be dishonest for purposes of his own publicity goes further than I had imagined. A Tweet from Andy Bloch a short time ago pointed me to this article, which is about the Steve Forte case that got a lot of press back in 2007. At the time, it was reported that this involved a casino cheating expert being caught doing something dirty, perhaps involving hidden cameras and poker, in a sting operation inside a private suite at the Borgata in Atlantic City. If the Magic Times article is to be believed--and I find it quite credible--virtually none of that is true.

But the really interesting part, I thought, was the role that Richard Marcus is said to have played in hyping the story. The section about him is well down on the page, so you'll have to either read or scroll to it. It's too long to excerpt in its entirety, but it starts with this exchange during the interview:

MagicTimes: One guy was especially harsh...

England: Let me stop you right there and say a few things about Richard
Marcus, obviously the person you refer to. Richard Marcus was way out of line
and the extent to which he lied about the case should shock you or anyone else
reading this. To any casino, cardroom, organization, conference, magazine,
newspaper or website that has ever considered spending 10 seconds with this guy,
I ask you to listen very carefully.

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