Monday, June 28, 2010

Poker gems, #373

Terrence "Not Johnny" Chan, in his blog post today.

The intercontinental 8-game title will change hands in most pro-wrestling-esque screwjob manner. One table from the money, Jerrod drew two to 77433 on the flop in triple draw. The dealer flipped up the deuce he was meant to give to Jerrod and the floor ruled that he would not get the deuce (which is the correct ruling). The other card he drew was a five. So instead of making a wheel, Jerrod makes 97543. The opponent makes an 86 and Jerrod is eliminated from the tournament on dealer error, ugh. Bobby Heenan may as well have distracted the floorman so that someone could hit Jerrod from behind with a chair.

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Pete said...

I'm not so sure that is the correct ruling. My understanding is that when a card is exposed in a lowball game and it is a wheel card (in 2-7 a wheel card is a 2,3,4,5, 7) the player is required to keep the card.... Though I'm not positive if this rule applies to a card exposed on the draw.