Friday, July 02, 2010

"You've got to have a look"

There's a small but wonderful playhouse in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, called the Park Square Theatre. I used to get season tickets every year when I lived there because the productions were always first-rate. Back in 2001 I saw Terrence McNally's play "Master Class," which was about Maria Callas teaching opera singing to music students late in her career, after her own voice was shot.

One of the memorable lines from it (as witnessed by the fact that I still remember it) was her advice about standing out from the mass of other people who will be trying out for the same roles: "To be remembered, you've got to have a look." She then picked out students who, in her view, had accomplished this important objective with their style choices, and those who had failed.

For some reason that came back to my mind today while playing at the Rio. I looked over at the next table and saw this:

This young man has picked a look, all right: Kneeling on a backward-facing chair, leaning over the table, butt high in the air, jeans low, six inches of boxers showing.

It's not a particularly flattering look, mind you, but it is indeed a look, and he will therefore be remembered. Well done, sir!

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