Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First home-game tournament

I have set up the first home game. Because it will be Friday, and Friday is April Fools Day, I thought that razz should be the game of the day--because only fools enjoy playing razz!

The club manager screen gives lots of options for the format of the tournament, without much guidance on what effect they will have on how the game plays--e.g., blind intervals, starting stacks, etc. So I kind of arbitrarily selected 10-minute levels, starting stack of 2000, payout of top 10% of the field. I hope that it will go fast enough so as not to become a drag or occupy one's entire evening, but not supermegaultraturbo so that you lose everything in one bad beat early on. Buy-in was set at $5.50, as per the request of one reader who has a free ticket for exactly that amount.

We'll see how it goes. If it's too fast, too slow, or whatever, we can make adjustments for the next time around.

Rakewell1 has scheduled a new Poker Grump Home Game tourney!

The stage is set; all you have to do is turn up and play! The tourney details are:

Club ID: 383761
Tourney ID: 380226255
Date: 2011/04/01 21:00 ET
Game Type: Razz
Betting Structure: Limit
Buy-in: USD 5.50
Tourney Structure: Regular
Payout Structure: Top 10%

All club members have been emailed with the tourney details, and you can find the tourney located under the 'Schedule' tab of the Poker Grump lobby.

Please contact your club manager for more information.

Enjoy the tourney!

PokerStars Support Team

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really REALLY thank you for considering the 5.50$ buy in on my request. But, I can't play razz :(
Thank you anyway, I've played lots of HORSE tourneys, but I mostly sit ou during the Razz round, unless I get A23 or something

Anyway, hope you had a great tourney, on the next hold em or horse count me in fo' sho'