Monday, March 28, 2011

Florida, day 2

I realize that I'm dragging this out to a rather ridiculous extent, and still nowhere near being finished. Furthermore, I am baffled that anybody would be interested in looking at my vacation pictures, so you're totally forgiven if you click on to something else more interesting. But I really had the time of my life, and took an obscene number of photographs, which it's taking me time to whittle down to a manageable number.

Day 2 photo album is here.

The second day of our week in Florida started in St. Petersburg with a stroll down to the pier, where we were fascinated and entertained by the pelicans, egrets, cormorants and other water birds that gather for handouts (pictures 1-10). (Don't miss Cardgrrl's hilarious portrait of a pelican here. That is one funny-lookin' bird!)

At the end of the pier is an aquarium. It's the first aquarium I've ever been to that I decided after the fact hadn't been worth bothering with. It's just a tiny mom-and-pop deal, not something grand like the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, or the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans, both of which I have loved. However, we did learn that moray eels have a second set of jaws hidden down in the throat, which makes them scarily like the creatures from "Alien" (#11).

That afternoon we drove down to Fort Myers (with a quick stop at some random beach along the way--#13), where Cardgrrl's aunt Phyllis lives in a lovely retirement community, and had dinner with her. Don't laugh, but #14 is a manatee. Yes, that completely unrecognizable blob in the middle is the manatee--the first one I've seen in the wild. The retirement community has a sort of inlet that is connected to the bay, and manatees come in looking for food. They're not very good about presenting themselves properly for photographers, however.

#15-18 are more lovely banyan trees near Phyllis's apartment building. Sorry for the repetition, but these things are like extraterrestrial life forms compared to the trees I grew up with in Illinois, and I was captivated by their strange and beautiful forms.


Josie said...

omg you were in fort myers during red sox spring training. tell me, for the love of god, that you went to a game.

Rakewell said...

What are these "red sox" of which you speak?

Jennifer said...

I'm loving these trip reports! Great photos, too.