Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florida, day 3

Day 3 photo album here.

On the third day of our week in Florida, Cardgrrl and I drove her aunt Phyllis down to Naples, at her request. She wanted to see the Naples Philharmonic Center (not actually attend a performance, just see their auditorium) (pictures 1-2) and the attached Naples Museum of Art (#3-6). There wasn't much to see in the former, but the latter was really quite a nice little museum. It featured mostly Florida artists, though there was also a traveling exhibit of a bunch of early Rembrandt etchings. As with most art museums, no photography was allowed inside.

We then drove a short distance to the Fifth Avenue markets, several blocks of merchants of all varieties--some conventional, some funky--just to window-shop. Not exactly my favorite way to spend time, nor Cardgrrl's, but it was what Phyllis wanted to do, and when you're 87, well, you get your way with things, and we were happy to indulge her. She doesn't have a car, so trips outside of her retirement community are infrequent, and it was a pleasure to share in her adventure.

Throughout our time in Florida we saw several of the kind of gorgeous blooming trees shown in pictures #7-8, but with no identifying information anywhere. Any arborist readers who can clue us in?

#9-10 are a funny car we saw parked on the street in downtown Naples.

We decided to take the scenic route back, driving along the narrow road that winds through a chain of barrier islands off the coast between Naples and Ft. Myers. We got stuck in a long line of traffic, so made a spur-of-the-moment decision to wait it out while having dinner at a Caribbean-themed restaurant we were passing. I mention this only because it is the backdrop for understanding the odd photo, #11. While we were waiting for our food, I was idly trying to count how many blades the restaurant's ceiling fans had. They were spinning slowly enough that it felt like you could count them, but just fast enough that you really couldn't, at least not with any confidence. I was guessing they had six blades. Cardgrrl guessed seven. I was trying to figure out how to settle the matter, when it dawned on me to take a flash photo. Sure enough, it worked! Answer: Five.

We dropped Phyllis back home, then spent a little time at a spot on the edge of the bay where she had told us dolphins can frequently be seen jumping. We didn't see any dolphins, but we did have a beautiful view of the moonlit bay. This was the night before the Supermoon, so viewing was pretty spectacular. Predictably, photographs don't do it justice, but you can at least get a feeble sense of the scene in #12. (The shot makes it look like there was still sunlight in the sky, but it was actually completely dark by then, except for the moon's glow.)

I'd sure rather be back there now than stuck in my apartment here today. Meh. Wonderful memories will have to suffice.


Josie said...

Beautiful photos.

At first I thought the moon was sun, but then I looked closer and it could only be the moon, the moon in his sunday best.

Scott said...

# 9 - the car. Rat Rods are trending up in popularity again.

Scott said...

I think the tree is a Caribbean Trumpet tree (Tabebuia Caraiba)

Rakewell said...

Yes, that looks like it all right. Thank you!