Friday, April 01, 2011

Florida, day 5

Sunday was our last day in the Ft. Myers area. We spent it on Sanibel Island, which I already previewed for you here.

Day 5 photo album is here.

The Darling National Wildlife Refuge was nice enough, but, frankly, it had a heck of a lot less wildlife than one would imagine, given the name. Or maybe the animals have all just learned to stay away from the road and trails, which are the only places humans are allowed to go. We were also disappointed to discover that the one place where we would be most likely to see alligators had been cordoned off--no visitors allowed.

#2 is some sort of ibis, but I'm having trouble nailing down the species. #7 is an American White Ibis. #10 is an osprey in a nest built across the road from the wildlife preserve.

Detailed surveys of my readership reveal that 98% of you agree that the slogan shown on the toddler-sized T-shirt in #11 correctly describes the author of this blog.

#12-23 were all taken on the beach at Captiva Island, during one of the most perfect sunsets it has ever been my privilege to witness.

Only one more day left to tell you about.

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Anonymous said...


If you were on the island during high tide, the birds wouldn't be around for feeding. And if it was warm, the animals seek shelter. Sunrise, sunset, and low tide are the best times.

As to the cordoned off area, my wife (who frequently vacations there), people were behaving badly and destroying the area with mindless tromping through the underbrush. The hope is that the ecosystem will recover on it's own if it's left alone.

And based on your travelogue and pictures, she now wants to see the Edison Estate and Corkscrew. So, thanks.

Steve R.